Victor Archela – Persona Research

I did some research on parent related content:

1 – Club Penguin Parent Guide

2- Tibia Parent Guide

I found these interesting because these games are targeting the secondary personas, which are the kids parents (some of them might even become clients themselves, but that’s another thing). What it shows me (besides the game’s concern on what parents think is enough to spend money in research and making a -clear document to convince parents) are the usual questions and worries of the parents.

TED talks:

3 – Why Play is Vital

4 – Creativity and Play

These videos talk about why play is important to a child and how to enable a persons creativity by play; the first one even says something along the lines of: Let them experience things on their own, let them play, even if they get hurt, because it’s important for them to learn their limits. Which I think is very valid, when I was a kid and got hurt playing I used to go to my father and he’d say : “Good, (even if I was crying) that means you where having fun.” – And he was right all of the times, haha


Also some articles on why it’s important to take play seriously 🙂

– Play taken seriously

– Let the Kids play

Other general research:

– Types of play

– Couple of parent+child interviews


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